Boiler Service

Boiler service by Thames Plumbers operating a rapid boiler service across London.

With the term boiler service we generally refer to a cleaning maintenance service which we operate every year to make sure that our gas boiler will not let us down because of any sort of breakdown.

It is important for this purpose that a boiler service is carried out by an accredited Gas Safe Engineer a person which has a whole knowledge of gas boiler systems and knows adequately how to actuate a perfect boiler cleaning service.

To be kept in mind is also the fact that no boiler service can be conducted if the boiler is not in full working order; this equals to say that you would have to get your boiler repaired first and then serviced.

Remember that our London Heating Engineers specialise in boiler emergency repairs too and can always help you out with any heating fault situation.

Promotional packages are available when choosing to have your boiler serviced and your gas safe certificate issued too, so that you could save nearly 35% on the cost of your service.

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